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xxRecent Verdicts

   Many legal cases result in settlement without the need for litigation.  Cases which go through certain administrative hearings, or trial and appeal, result in a written opinion, which becomes part of the public record of written law.  

  A sample of representative decisions in some of our cases is below:  
Newest Filings and Decisions of Note:  

Education Law:

Federal Litigation

Palisades School District:  Ilene Young Law Offices has filed suit on behalf of a  former student for damages as a result of pervasive bullying. 

Centennial School District:  A Student's claim of entitlement to monetary damages for violation of his educational rights has been permitted to move forward to discovery and trial in the Eastern District.  Click here to read more.

Mastery Charter School:  Parent prevails in bid to return disenrolled student to charter school program during due process litigation under stay put provision.  The Court defines the duties of Pennsylvania Charter Schools under IDEA. Click to read the decision

       Follow up:  The charter school's motion to stay, or delay, the effect of the order of court pending appeal is denied in the opinion at the following link.  Click to read the decision

Due Process Decisions

Council Rock S.D.:  Parents are awarded tuition reimbursement for denial of FAPE.

Central Bucks S.D.:  Parents are awarded full compensatory education for denial of FAPE by District's generic life skills program. Click to read the decision.

Pennsbury S.D.:  Parents are awarded compensatory education and tuition reimbursement due to District's failure to propose an appropriate private program and placement for the child. Parents prevail on 504 and IDEA claims.  Click to read the decision

Centennial S.D.:  Parents are awarded two full years of compensatory education and an independent evaluation due to the District's failure to identify and appropriately program for the child.  Clients prevailed on Section 504 and IDEA claims.   Click to read the decision

Philadelphia:  Parents are awarded two full years of compensatory education for denial of FAPE, where the student's program did not provide for adequate academic achievement.   Click to read the decision
Earlier Decisions

Central Bucks S.D.: Hearing Officer's finding that District's generic program for students with Aspergers' syndrome was an appropriate program is reversed on appeal, Parent's claim prevails  Click to read the decision.

Minersville Area S.D.: District, found to bear burden of proof in establishing that its evaluation of student is adequate, fails to do so;  Parents are awarded an independent evaluation by an expert of their choosing at District expense.   Click to read the decision.

Council Rock S.D.:  Student with ADHD is awarded compensatory education and tuition reimbursement for two year denial of FAPE. Click to read the decision.

Children and Youth

Pennsylvania Superior Court:  The Court of Appeals upholds rights of  family against opposing claims of Bucks County Children and Youth Agency; after three year battle, child is placed with paternal family. Click here to read the decision.

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 Due Process Hearing  Representation
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